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Anxiety and depression are common in families of AD infants

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Dr Vesna Grivcheva-Panovska, University Clinic in Skopje (Macedonia)
EADV 2019
Three out of four family members and caregivers of young children with atopic dermatitis (AD) suffer from mild anxiety and depression. This was shown in a study conducted at the University Clinic in Skopje (Macedonia) [1]. Anxiety and depression are often overlooked and underdiagnosed both in patients as well as in family members and caregivers of pre-school children. AD is a considerable burden, also for family members. In addition, the clinical spectrum of AD often includes insomnia, which can also affect the parents of small kids. To evaluate the psychosocial effect of AD on their family members and caregivers, researchers from the Phi University Clinic of Dermatology in Skopje sent out a 7-item questionnaire in which they asked about the greatest worries of caregivers. It also contained a Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D) and Hamilton Anxiety Rating scale (HAM-A) for evaluation of the symptoms of depression and anxiety of family members a...

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