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Certolizumab pegol efficacious for head and neck psoriasis

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Prof. Peter van de Kerkhof, Radboud University, the Netherlands
EADV 2019
Phase 3, CIMPASI-1 and CIMPASI-2
A pooled analysis of the phase 3 CIMPASI-1 and CIMPASI-2 studies with focus on psoriasis of head and neck showed that certolizumab pegol, an anti-TNFα monoclonal antibody, in a dose of 400 mg every second week leads to greatest improvement of this difficult-to-treat area [1]. The new assessment included data from 461 adult patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis from the CIMPASI-1 and CIMPASI-2 trials. The analysis focussed on the head and neck was chosen, as visible psoriasis in these areas has a disproportionately high impact on patients’ quality of life [2]. Inclusion criteria also included a Psoriasis Area and Severity Index score (PASI) of ≥ 12, body surface area (BSA) ≥ 10%, and Physician's Global Assessment (PGA) of ≥ 3 at baseline. Randomisation allocated 186 patients to the group treated with 200 mg certolizumab pegol every second week, 175 patients receiving 400 mg certolizumab every second week, and 100 patients to placebo. The initial...

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