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HPV and penile cancer

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Dr Andrea Salonia, Prof. Stéphane Droupy, Dr Philippe Spiess
EAU 2019
Some notable advances presented at the EAU strongly suggest that HPV probably does not affect fertility and that targeted therapies for penile cancer are on the near horizon. Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a major public health problem not only in malignant disease (see Table) but also in benign disease. The group of Dr Andrea Salonia (University of Milan, Italy) presented their recently published research that the presence of HPV in sperm affects motility [1]. Furthermore, the group of Prof. Stéphane Droupy (University of Nîmes, France) performed a prospective study in a cohort of 350 couples undergoing assisted reproductive techniques with the aim to study the association between the presence of at least on HPV subtype and the outcome of pregnancies. They showed that at least one HPV subtype was present in 26.9% of women and 14.4% of men. Exposed couples gave birth in 23.3% of the cases to live children and non-exposed couples gave birth in 30% of the ca...

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