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Male infertility/Premature ejaculation

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Dr Jonathan Ramsay, Prof. Maarten Albersen, Dr Cath Mercer
EAU 2019
Novel approaches for assisted reproduction and pharmacological treatment of premature ejaculation. On the topic of male infertility, Dr Jonathan Ramsay (London, United Kingdom) presented that sperm harvested directly from the testes of 63 men with evident infertility has the same DNA integrity/quality as ejaculated sperm of 76 healthy donor men. This is important to know because sperm from infertile men is often burdened by excessive DNA damage and this can cause troubles with the success rates of intracytoplasmic sperm injection and other forms of assisted reproduction techniques. In a comment from Prof. Maarten Albersen (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium) about this study, he warns: “However, we have to interpret these results with caution; certainly because they are now available in the lay press, association of course is not causation, and an adequate interventional design is needed to assess whether selection of certain patients with DNA damage with...

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