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Cytoreductive radical prostatectomy: LoMP trial results

EAU 2019
The LoMP trial being run by the University Hospital Ghent, Belgium, reported the outcomes of cytoreductive radical prostatectomy (cRP) vs standard of care.

The hypothesis that cRP will decrease the number of local events in the context of oligometastatic prostate cancer is attractive, but has been not structurally addressed. From 2014-2018, 80 asymptomatic patients were prospectively included in the LoMP trial. cRP was performed in patients with a resectable tumour who were fit to undergo surgery (n=40). Standard of care was administered to patients who were ineligible or unwilling to undergo cRP (n=40), so there was definitely a surgical selection bias in the cohort. The 2-year estimates for overall survival were 92% vs 64% (P=0.003) in favour of cRP; likewise, the 2-year estimate for local event-free survival were 89% vs 58% (P=0.001) in favour of cRP. Although imperfect in study design, these data will be very useful in further exploration of the application of cRP in selected patients.

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