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Prostate cancer: What to expect the next 12 months

EAU 2019
On Friday 15 March, the European School of Oncology held their 6th Prostate Cancer Observatory: innovations and care in the next 12 months, as a kick-off session for EAU19. The point of this session is to feature forecasts in prostate cancer management from multidisciplinary viewpoints on what to expect in the coming year. The room was packed with hundreds of people, and just entering the room took over 20 minutes, reflective of the attractive format this high-level session has adopted to provide the audience with updated and unbiased "sneak peaks" on the near-future expected outcomes for prostate cancer. Below is the top-12 of what's on the horizon: This last year brought major changes with respect to the implementation of MRI prior to biopsy, and the guidelines have been changed. The coming year will bring incremental and important refinements to the use of MRI (which underestimates tumour volume by 2.7x). In focal therapy, t...

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