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UEGW 2022 Highlights Podcast

Presented by
Robert van den Heuvel, Medicom
UEGW 2022

In this episode (17.12 minutes), Medicom’s correspondent covers 6 presentations from the United European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW 2022), held in Vienna, Austria from 8-11 October 2022.
The topics discussed are:

  1. Alarmingly low detection rates of pancreatic cancer
    A study revealed that evidence of pancreatic cancer was initially missed in CT or MRI scans in 7.7% of patients with pancreatic cancer, thus reducing the chance of curative surgery. In 26% of cases, imaging signs associated with pancreatic cancer were not recognised and investigated further.
  2. Cirrhotic patients are in urgent need of a third SARS-COV-2 vaccine
    Cirrhotic patients showed insufficient T cell reactivity after 2 mRNA vaccine doses. However, a booster vaccine, and even more so, a natural infection, led to significantly higher antibody levels in this vulnerable patient group.
  3. Only modest benefit of colon cancer screening with colonoscopy
    A one-time colonoscopy for screening entailed an 18% risk reduction of incidence in colorectal cancer (CRC) compared with no screening. Moreover, the difference in cancer mortality was not significant between the groups.
  4. Better transplant-free survival for colectomy with ileostomy in PSC patients
    Patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) who received a colectomy with ileostomy had a better chance of surviving without liver transplantation than those without surgery and also those with remnant colon after colectomy. Therefore, it is thought that the microbiome may influence the course of PSC.
  5. Light at the end of the tunnel for children with eosinophilic oesophagitis
    In the phase 3 EoE KIDS trial, dupilumab showed remarkable efficacy in paediatric patients with eosinophilic oesophagitis. The agent was generally well tolerated, with the known safety profile of dupilumab.
  6. Procalcitonin-based algorithm helps spare antibiotics in acute pancreatitis
    Both antibiotic use and days with antibiotic use could be markedly reduced with the help of a procalcitonin-based algorithm. Compared with usual care, there were no increased numbers of clinical infections or hospital-acquired infections.

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