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Subgroup analysis VOYAGER PAD

Presented By
Prof. W. Hiatt, University of Colorado, USA
ACC 2020
A prespecified subgroup analysis of VOYAGER PAD demonstrated that background clopidogrel in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) receiving rivaroxaban and low-dose aspirin after lower extremity revascularisation does not modify the benefit of rivaroxaban but appears to increase bleeding [1]. The VOYAGER PAD trial was the largest evidence base of patients with revascularised symptomatic PAD, which demonstrated that the combination of twice-daily rivaroxaban and once-daily aspirin was safe and more effective than aspirin alone for reducing future thrombotic and ischaemic events [2]. In the current subgroup analysis of VOYAGER PAD, presented by Prof. William Hiatt (University of Colorado, USA), investigators aimed to evaluate whether efficacy and safety of rivaroxaban were consistent regardless of background clopid...

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