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Real-world evidence for MitraClip

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Dr S. Lim, University of Virginia, USA
ACC 2020
The EXPAND G4 study confirmed the safety and efficacy of the next generation MitraClip NTR/XTR system in primary mitral regurgitation (MR) patients in a real-world setting, according to Dr Scott Lim (University of Virginia, USA) [1]. The 1,000+ patient global EXPAND study is a post-market, multi-centre, single-arm, prospective study to assess the safety and performance of the next generation MitraClip G4 System. Also, it is the first trial to use Echo Core Lab and Clinical Events Committee adjudicated 30-day clinical outcomes in patients with primary mitral regurgitation treated with the next generation NTR and XTR MitraClips. The primary objective was to determine the percentage of participants with MR reduction to ≤2+ at 30 days. Secondary objectives of the study were to evaluate MR reduction outcomes as a func...

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