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Galcanezumab reduces cluster headache frequency

Dr David Dodick, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, USA
AAN 2019
In a placebo-controlled trial, the anti-calcitonin gene-related peptide antibody galcanezumab reduced the weekly episodic cluster headache attack frequency from week 1 to 3, and resulted in a greater percentage achieving a reduction in the weekly cluster headache attack frequency at week 3 of at least 50%. The safety profile of galcanezumab was similar to that seen previously in patients with episodic or chronic migraine [1]. Dr David Dodick (Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, USA) stressed that there is underrecognition of cluster headache and a high rate of misdiagnosis that delays the correct diagnosis an average of 5 to 7 years. “Effective acute treatments are underused, and there are no approved medications for prevention.” Presenting results from the double-blind treatment period of this trial, Dr Dodick said participants were randomised to subcutaneous galcanezumab 300 mg (n=49) or placebo (n=57) once monthly. The primary endpoint was the overall mean change fro...

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