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Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation for cluster headache

AAN 2019
Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) was cleared in 2018 by the FDA for adjunctive use for the prophylaxis of cluster headache. Real-world findings from a patient registry showed that nVNS usually reduced pain severity within 30 minutes, complementing evidence from clinical trials supporting its efficacy for acute treatment of episodic cluster headache attacks [1]. Participants were trained on self-treatment with nVNS and the use of a tracker for data collection on nVNS usage and frequency, severity, and duration of cluster headache attacks. A total of 14 patients used nVNS for 116 attacks, with a mean of 3.69 stimulations used per attack. At attack onset and 30 minutes after initial treatment, mean pain score was 2.68 and 1.30, respectively, on a scale of 0-4. Patients subjectively self-reported that nVNS reduced pain in 82% of attacks. Of the 116 nVNS-treated attacks, 69.8% had resolved to either mild or no pain after 30 minutes. 1. Nagy A,...

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