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Three very promising new treatments of NMOSD

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Dr Stacey Clardy & Prof. Bruce Cree
AAN 2019
MS and NMOSD can present with very similar clinical features. The recent discovery of highly sensitive and specific NMO-specific IgGs that target aquaporin-4 in patients with NMOSD led to NMOSD being considered as a distinct clinical entity. At the AAN 2019 meeting, NMOSD for the first time took centre stage. Results of three promising new therapies were presented: inebilizumab, eculizumab, and satralizumab. “In the 200 years that we have known about NMO, this year has been the most exciting by far”, said Dr Stacey Clardy (University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA) in a review session on NMOSD. Her enthusiasm was largely based on 3 monoclonal antibodies in late-stage development for the treatment of NMOSD. Dr Clardy summarised the results of all 3 therapies, that had been presented earlier during the meeting. Eculizumab In a randomised, double-blind, time-to-event trial (PREVENT), eculizumab had a significantly lower risk of relapse than plac...

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