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T-type-calcium channel modulator in essential tremor

AAN 2019
A randomised study achieved proof-of-concept for CX-8998 in essential tremor. Key pivotal study design parameters including primary and secondary efficacy endpoints, patient population, dose and titration scheme, were identified [1]. Further studies are needed to evaluate its efficacy. CX-8998 is a potent, selective, and state-dependent small molecule modulator of T-type calcium channels. T-type calcium channels play a critical role in the generation of tremor-related oscillations. CX-8998 was evaluated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 95 patients with moderate to severe essential tremor who had inadequate response to standard of care anti-tremor medications. They were randomised to either CX-8998 (titrated to 10 mg BID) or placebo for 28 days. The study's primary endpoint was centrally video-rated TETRAS (The Essential Tremor Rating Assessment Scale) Performance Subscale. Due to methodological issues this endpoint did not reach signif...

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