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Social smoking: Do not underestimate the risks

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Dr Pallavi Balte, Columbia University, USA
ERS 2020
The risk of smoking even less than 10 cigarettes a day should not be underestimated as it still entails a substantial risk of lung cancer or respiratory diseases as cause of death [1]. The proportion of people in the USA who smoke has decreased from 20.9% in 2005 to 13.7% in 2018 [2]. Yet, within the smoking population, the rate of so-called light smokers has risen from 16% to 27% [3]. A good reason to look at the risk of mortality of respiratory disease and lung cancer in these smokers, who probably think that their smoking entails a low risk. Dr Pallavi Balte (Columbia University, USA) presented results from the NHLBI pooled cohort study [1]. Dr Balte and colleagues harmonised data from 4 cohorts with information on the general population including 18,730 participants with consistent smoking status. Smokers were classified according to their number of cigarettes per day (CPD) into light/social smoker (<10 CPD), smokers (10-20 CPD), and heavy sm...

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