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COVID-19 survivors benefit from structured follow-up

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Dr Sabina Sahanic, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria
ERS 2020
The preliminary results of the CovILD study show that many COVID-19 patients suffer from long-term pulmonary impairment that is not detected by lung function, but the impairment does seem to improve over time [1]. The CovILD study assessed the frequency and patterns of pulmonary abnormalities in moderate-to-critical COVID-19 patients after recovery. All participants lived in a ‘hot spot’ area in the Tyrolean region of Austria. They were hospitalised at the University Clinic of Internal Medicine in Innsbruck, the St. Vincent Hospital in Zams, or the cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation centre in Münster, Austria. At the virtual ERS meeting, Dr Sabina Sahanic (Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria) presented data of the first 86 patients enrolled between 29 April and 9 June 2020. The average age of the 86 patients was 61, and 35% were female. Nearly half of the participants were current or former smokers and 65% were overweight or obese. The a...

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