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No heightened outcome risk for rheumatic patients with COVID-19

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Dr Naomi Serling-Boyd, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
ACR 2020
When infected with SARS-CoV-2, the risk for a severe disease course including mechanical ventilation was not higher for patients with rheumatoid comorbidity compared to the general population. “Early in the pandemic we observed a higher risk of mechanical ventilation in patients with rheumatic diseases compared with the general population in a small cohort study,” stated Dr Naomi Serling-Boyd (Massachusetts General Hospital, USA) [1]. However, the situation is still not entirely clear [2]. “Therefore, we conducted a comparative cohort study of patients with COVID-19 as confirmed by PCR between January and July 2020 in our multicentre healthcare system,” she further explained. Out of 12,866 COVID-19 cases during this period, 143 patients already diagnosed with rheumatic disease (RMD) were matched by age, sex, and date of COVID-19 PCR with up to 5 comparators without RMD (n=688). Within the RMD group, mean age was 60 years, 76% wer...

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