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No progression of osteoarthritis with corticosteroid injections

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Dr Justin J. Bucci, Boston University School of Medicine, USA
ACR 2020
A study presented during the meeting found that corticosteroid injections do not accelerate progression to total knee replacement compared with hyaluronic acid injections. A recent cohort study suggested a 3-fold higher risk for knee osteoarthritis (OA) progression with the use of corticosteroid (CS) injections, a popular treatment recommended by guidelines. Recipients of CS injections might have more advanced knee OA, which in itself is a risk factor for OA progression, making a comparison of those undergoing CS injections to those who do not questionable, despite statistical adjustments. Therefore, the current study aimed to explore whether CS injections are associated with increased rates of knee OA progression compared with hyaluronic acid (HA) injections that have not been associated with cartilage loss [1]. “The treatment options for knee OA are limited. Steroid injections are considered a safe and effective intervention for relieving pain fro...

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