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New treatments in osteoarthritis

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Prof. Tonia Vincent , University of Oxford, United Kingdom
EULAR 2022
Osteoarthritis (OA) pathogenesis is complex. According to novel data, the compressive load repair pathway is beneficial for the cartilage. Therefore, future research should rather focus on cartilage regeneration instead of fighting inflammation. As Prof. Tonia Vincent (University of Oxford, United Kingdom) pointed out in her talk, “Stop taking painkillers for arthritis” was a depressing headline published a month ago in The Times. It was based on the draft NICE guidelines released in April 2022 [1]. In the guidelines, exercise for OA patients is recommended instead of pain medication, as several control trials stated that any exercise was beneficial compared with no exercise. There is less established data on a dose-dependent relationship between OA and weight loss. The 2 large existing cohort studies are of low to very low quality. In the United Kingdom, it is recommended to commence topical NSAIDs and intra-articular injections but not to offer...

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