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Risk factors for dementia in RA patients discovered

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Prof. Elena Myasoedova , Mayo Clinic, MN, USA
EULAR 2022
For patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), swelling of large joints, rheumatoid nodules, hypertension, cardiovascular (CV) disease, and depression were recognised risk factors for dementia. The analysis of a Minnesotan cohort found an about 2-fold elevated risk of dementia in case those factors were present. What are the risk factors for developing dementia in patients with RA? The goal of a population-based inception cohort study conducted by a group of Mayo Clinic investigators was to elucidate this question [1]. “Our recent studies from population-based cohorts in Olmsted County have shown that even though the overall risk of dementia is increased in patients with RA as compared with the non-RA population, there has been a decline in its incidence in recent decades coinciding with improved control of RA,” Prof. Elena Myasoedova (Mayo Clinic, MN, USA) reported in her presentation. The study included 886 patients ≥50 years who resided in Minnesota and ...

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