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Many RA and PsA patients have problems with their sex life

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Dr Carlos Valera-Ribera , Doctor Peset University Hospital, Spain
EULAR 2022
A Spanish study revealed that patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) suffer more often from sexual dysfunction compared with a healthy population. Older age, unemployment, and lower income are all risk factors. Data from a cross-sectional, observational study suggests patients with PsA were at 8 times greater risk of sexual dysfunction, and patients with RA were at 10 times greater risk when compared with their healthy counterparts [1]. Although previous studies hinted at a higher frequency of sexual dysfunction in RA and PsA, most were of low quality regarding the study design. “Most studies lack a control group,” said Dr Carlos Valera-Ribera (Doctor Peset University Hospital, Spain). Therefore, he and his team performed a study in which patients diagnosed with PsA and RA were compared with a control group of healthy individuals. Included were 188 adult patients of any sexual orientation in 2 different unive...

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