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Real-world efficacy of ocrelizumab in MS patients

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Julius Eggebrecht, Roche Pharma, Germany
ECF 2020
An interim analysis of the non-interventional phase 4 CONFIDENCE study showed the efficacy of ocrelizumab in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients in a real-world setting. The majority of patients in this analysis experienced treatment success, with Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and MSIS-29 remaining constant over the first year of ocrelizumab treatment. The safety and efficacy of ocrelizumab in MS patients have been characterised in phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials. As of July 2020, over 170,000 patients were treated with ocrelizumab. CONFIDENCE is a non-interventional post-authorisation phase 4 safety study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of ocrelizumab in patients with relapsing MS and primary progressive MS (PPMS) in a real-world setting. This study aims to collect data for 3,000 ocrelizumab-treated patients and 1,500 patients treated with other DMTs in Germany for up to 10 years. The 1-year interim analysis pre...

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