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Progressive aerobic exercise improves fatigue

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Dr Martin Langeskov-Christensen, Aarhus University, Denmark
ECF 2020
In a representative sample of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, 24 weeks of progressive aerobic exercise induced a clinically relevant and long-lasting reduction in fatigue impact and seemed to positively influence walking ability and capacity. These findings from Denmark suggest that long-term progressive aerobic exercise could be recommended for MS patients. In MS patients, fatigue and difficulty with walking are 2 of the most common and disabling symptoms. Fatigue is a multidimensional and complex symptom, affecting 70-90% of MS patients. The prevalence of walking impairment increases from 32% to 100% across the adult life span. In the last few decades, exercise has proven to be a promising approach to alleviate fatigue and to improve walking impairment. Researchers from Denmark investigated the effects of a 24-week high-intensity progressive aerobic exercise intervention, followed by 24 weeks of follow-up, on self-reported fatigue impact and se...

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