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Take hypertension medication anyTIME

Presented By
Prof. Thomas MacDonald, University of Dundee, UK
ESC 2022
The pragmatic randomised TIME trial, with over 5-year follow-up in >21,000 patients with high blood pressure, reported that taking antihypertensive medications in the morning or the evening provides identical protection against heart attack, stroke, or vascular death. Prof. Thomas MacDonald (University of Dundee, UK) presented the results of the TIME study (ISRCTN18157641). The smaller Hygia study had previously suggested that there might be a substantial cardiovascular benefit of evening dosing of antihypertensive medication [2], and Prof. MacDonald explained that TIME aimed to test this hypothesis in a large prospective, randomised trial. Participants already taking at least 1 antihypertensive medication were randomised 1:1 to take their usual antihypertensive medication in the morning (n=10,601) or the evening (n=10,503). The composite primary endpoint ...

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