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Radiation stewardship for patient and endourologist

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Prof. Andreas Skolarikos , University of Athens, Greece
EAU 2020
Minimising radiation exposure for nephrolithiasis procedures requires the endourologist to make adjustments to limit fluoroscopy time, limit time spent adjacent to the patient, irradiate only to observe motion, and use ‘last-image-hold’ and ‘instant replay’ whenever possible. Prof. Andreas Skolarikos (University of Athens, Greece) provided practical tips and tricks to reduce radiation exposure in both the patient and attending endourologist [1]. Patients with nephrolithiasis are at risk for significant radiation exposure from diagnostic imaging. In addition, fluoroscopy used during surgical treatment of nephrolithiasis also contributes to radiation exposure for patient as well as endourologist. Patients receive even more radiation from surgery than from a non-contrast computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen and pelvis. However, a recent survey on the knowledge on radiation exposure and compliance to wearing protective equipment among endo...

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