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Docetaxel + hormonal therapy: improved prostate cancer PFS

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Dr Andreas Josefsson , Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden
EAU 2020
Phase 3, SPCG-14
Adding docetaxel to antiandrogen treatment improves progression-free survival (PFS) in prostate cancer patients with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) relapse. Dr Andreas Josefsson (Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden) presented the SPCG-14 study, a prospective, multicentre, phase 2 clinical trial of bicalutamide alone or in combination with docetaxel in non-metastatic prostate cancer with a rising PSA [1]. This trial assessed whether any benefit is gained by adding docetaxel-based chemotherapy to hormonal therapy in the population of prostate cancer patients who have only biochemically relapsed disease after curative treatment (PSA doubling time <12 months). The investigators further hypothesised that the approach is likely to be more effective at a time of minimal tumour burden, prior to radiographic relapse, resulting in minimisation of the over...

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