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New lithotripter data: improved stone clearance

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Dr Oliver Wiseman , Cambridge University, UK
EAU 2020
Dr Oliver Wiseman (Cambridge University, UK) discussed available options for ballistic lithotripsy and which modality is best for breaking stones during percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) [1]. In particular, he focused on a study, also presented at the EAU, investigating the safety and efficacy of a new lithotripter, the Swiss Lithoclast® Trilogy lithotripter (hereafter referred to as the Trilogy) [2]. Results indicated that the Trilogy is highly effective at stone removal, had excellent safety outcomes, and was perceived by surgeons to be highly effective overall and compared with their most commonly used lithotripter. Available PCNL options include pneumatic, ultrasonic, and electrohydraulic lithotripsy and laser, each having its own positive and negative attributes. Most modern lithotripters combine energy sources; however, there is no general consensus as to the single best modality for stone breakage. Dr Wiseman comp...

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