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COVID-19 and inflammatory rheumatic disease: some key issues

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Prof. G. Burmester, Charité University Hospital, Germany
EULAR 2020
Undoubtedly highly anticipated during this year’s EULAR were the updates and recommendations concerning COVID-19. In a joint effort, experts aimed to gather the latest insights and solutions to the global pandemic. The currently available data suggests that patients with inflammatory rheumatic conditions do not exhibit an increased frequency of COVID-19 infection or a more severe course of the disease in general. General risk factors –such as older age, obesity, cardiovascular conditions, chronic lung conditions, hypertension, and diabetes– seem to be much more important in this respect. During a unique virtual press conference, Prof. Gerd Burmester (EULAR Public Affairs Officer; Charité University Hospital, Germany) addressed some issues regarding medication, inflammatory rheumatic disease, and COVID-19 infection [1]. He emphasised that discontinuing immunomodulatory medication is not a good idea, as patients with inflammatory rheumatic d...

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