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Anifrolumab achieves rapid and durable BICLA-response

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Prof. Eric Morand, Monash University, Australia
EULAR 2020
Data from the phase 3 TULIP studies showed that treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients with anifrolumab resulted in more British Isles Lupus Assessment Group (BILAG)-based Combined Lupus Assessment (BICLA) responses compared with placebo, starting at early timepoints and being sustained through week 52. Prof. Eric Morand (Monash University, Australia) who presented these studies, stated that rapid and durable BICLA response supports the clinical benefit of anifrolumab for patients with moderately to severely active SLE [1]. The human monoclonal antibody anifrolumab is a type I interferon (IFN) receptor antagonist, which has previously shown promising results in the phase 3 TULIP-2 and TULIP-1 trials in SLE [2,3]. Both TULIP-2 (anifrolumab n=180; placebo n=182) and TULIP-1 (anifrolumab n=180; placebo n=184) were randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials which evaluated the efficacy and safety of anifrolumab (300 mg every 4 weeks)...

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