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Physical impairment is present before perceived MS onset

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Ms Annalaura Lerede, Imperial College London, UK
An analysis of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) over a 10-year period suggests that physical impairment in MS patients with progressive disease is present before the perceived disease onset. This implies that an initial phase of the disease may be generally overlooked. Online registries offer the opportunity to streamline follow-up through large-scale, long-term, and cost-effective data collection. Registry data can be analysed retrospectively to compare outcomes based on a particular exposure. Additionally, this type of data allows patients to get involved with research and offer a personal perspective on their disease. Ms Annalaura Lerede (Imperial College London, UK) presented a prospective registry data analysis reflecting 55-year-long disease trajectories, using data from a 10-year period [1]. The aim was to gather new insights into the evolution of physical disability across MS subtypes. Ms Lerede focused on 2 PROs, namely the Multip...

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