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MRI may best CT for assessing mesothelioma tumor volume

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Reuters Health - 06/11/2020 - MRI offers advantages over CT for assessing primary-tumor volume in patients with mesothelioma, researchers from U.K. report. "MRI measurements of tumor volume appeared more discriminatory in predicting subsequent survival than CT measurements of the same factor," Dr. Kevin G. Blyth of Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the University of Glasgow, U.K., told Reuters Health by email. "We also observed that the volume of tumor seen using MRI was higher, which may explain this, as mesothelioma is known to be difficult to identify on CT." Primary-tumor volume is a critical determinant of survival in malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM). Tumor volume as assessed by CT is associated with overall survival, but CT volumetry is uncommonly used because of the laborious nature of the manual segmentation required. Dr. Blyth and colleagues compared CT volumetry with a novel MRI volumetry protocol they developed for their study of 31 patie...

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