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Adjunctive psychotherapy benefits outpatients with bipolar disorder

JAMA Psychiatry
Reuters Health - 22/10/2020 - People with bipolar disorder benefit from certain forms of psychotherapy, particularly skills-based interventions, combined with medication, a systematic review and meta-analysis suggests. Researchers examined data from 39 randomized clinical trials with a total of 3,863 participants with bipolar disorder who received pharmacotherapy along with usual care or in combination with interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, family or conjoint therapy, interpersonal therapy, or psychoeducational therapy. The primary endpoint was illness recurrence, while secondary outcomes included depressive and manic symptoms at 12 months. Across 20 two-group trials, individuals who received manualized treatments were less likely to experience recurrence (odds ratio 0.56) than control patients who didn't receive psychotherapy. In addition, patients who received psychoeducation with guided practice for illness management in group or family f...

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