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Mycophenolate efficacious and tolerable, even in elderly patients

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Dr Charlotte Bradbury, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
ASH 2020
FLIGHT is the first randomised trial using mycophenolate to treat immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), demonstrating good efficacy and tolerability, even with the inclusion of elderly patients. Mycophenolate seemed to approximately halve the risk of refractory or relapsed ITP. Therefore, mycophenolate may be considered an effective, well-tolerated first-line treatment option, alongside a short course of steroids, for some patients with ITP [1]. The currently recommended first-line ITP treatment is high-dose corticosteroids. However, this therapy is limited by frequent side effects, heterogeneous responses, and high relapse rates. One survey showed that 98% of patients experienced ≥1 side effect and 38% had to stop or reduce dose because of intolerable side effects [2]. Another problem is heterogeneity of responses using corticosteroids, with 30% of patients failing to respond at all. The majority (70–90%) of other patients will relapse at some point, while only...

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