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Initial data of FcRH5/CD3 T-cell-engaging bispecific antibody

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Dr Adam Cohen, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
ASH 2020
Phase 1, GO39775
Cevostamab is a humanised IgG-based T-cell-engaging bispecific antibody targeting both the most membrane-proximal domain of the Fc receptor-homolog 5 (FcRH5) on myeloma cells and CD3 on T cells. This dual binding facilitates efficient immunological synapse formation, resulting in T-cell activation and potent killing of myeloma cells [1]. Initial clinical activity and safety of cevostamab in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (R/R MM) were presented [2]. FcRH5 is a type I membrane protein expressed on B cells and plasma cells. FcRH5 is found on myeloma cells with near 100% prevalence, ÔÇťmaking it an attractive target for myeloma immunotherapy,ÔÇŁ Dr Adam Cohen (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA) stated. GO39775 (NCT03275103) is an ongoing phase 1 trial evaluating the safety, activity, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics of cevostamab ...

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