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Biologic psoriasis treatment to lower cardiovascular risk?

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Prof. Joel Gelfand, University of Pennsylvania, USA
AAD 2020
Comparing and weighing the different research results, biologics used for psoriasis have not established the ability to lower cardiovascular (CV) risk [1]. Vigorously screening for CV risk factors seems to be the appropriate management for now. Can the treatment of psoriasis directly impact the CV risk of patients? This is the question that Prof. Joel Gelfand (University of Pennsylvania, USA) strove to answer in his talk, explaining the different possible methods of research and their results. Patients with psoriasis have an increased risk of mortality and major CV events (MACE), especially when their psoriasis is moderate to severe. Chronic inflammatory, metabolic irregularities, and CV disease are often present in psoriasis. Prof. Gelfand’s lab followed 8,760 psoriasis patients and 87,600 adults without psoriasis over an average time of >4 years [2]. After adjusting for comorbidities, a psoriasis body surface area (BSA) >10% entailed an incr...

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