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Meta-analysis shows 6-months adjuvant trastuzumab is optimal

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Prof. Helena Earl, Addenbrooke's Hospital, UK
ESMO 2021
Adjuvant trastuzumab is just as safe and effective when given to HER2-positive early breast cancer patients for 6, rather than 12 months, according to a meta-analysis of >11,000 participants from 5 major clinical trials. This meta-analysis demonstrated that shorter durations of adjuvant therapy might be as effective. Prof. Helena Earl (Addenbrooke's Hospital, UK) combined data on more than 11,000 patients who were treated with trastuzumab after surgery for their early HER2-positive breast cancer for 9 weeks or 6 months versus the current standard of 12 months [1]. The rationale for this analysis stemmed from the Finland Herceptin (FinHer) trial, which compared a shorter 9-week treatment protocol against no trastuzumab with promising results [2], and raised the question of whether shorter durations of adjuvant treatment may be just as effective. Additional benefits for patients could be lower toxicity, fewer hospital visits, and a more rapid return to no...

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