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Novel AI-based platform diagnoses dystonia from MRI scans

Reuters Health - 28/09/2020 - An artificial intelligence (AI)-based deep learning platform, DystoniaNet, diagnosed the neurological disorder from MRI scans with close to 99% accuracy, researchers say. DystoniaNet is a patent-pending proprietary platform developed by Drs. Kristina Simonyan and Davide Valeriani of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston in conjunction with Mass General Brigham Innovation. "DystoniaNet was not developed to replace clinicians, but rather as an objective test to reduce time-to-correct diagnosis," Dr. Simonyan told Reuters Health by email. "There are currently no biomarkers of dystonia and consequently, no gold standard tests. Our study identified a microstructural neural network biomarker that is reflective of dystonia pathophysiology." "The availability of DystoniaNet as a computerized diagnostic algorithm will allow providers to conduct diagnostic screenings not only in the clinic but also via growing telemedicine channels...

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