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Numerous drugs can spawn a broad range of arrhythmias

Reuters Health - 28/09/2020 - Scores of drugs can be associated with arrhythmias ranging from atrial fibrillation to torsades de pointes, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA). "When a patient presents with a new-onset arrhythmia or an exacerbation of a previously diagnosed arrhythmia, it is worth considering whether one or more of the patient's medications could be causing or contributing to the arrhythmia," Dr. James E. Tisdale of Purdue University, West Lafayette and Indiana University, in Indianapolis, Indiana, told Reuters Health by email. The statement was published in Circulation. Dr. Tisdale and colleagues on the AHA Clinical Pharmacology Committee of the Council on Clinical Cardiology and Council on Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing reviewed more than 70 recent articles in order to develop this scientific statement, which addresses drug-induced bradyarrhythmias, supraventricular arrhythmias and ventricular arrh...

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