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Distinct cognitive phenotypes in multiple sclerosis proposed

JAMA Neurology
Reuters Health - 07/01/2021 - Identification of five distinct cognitive phenotypes in multiple sclerosis (MS) may allow more meaningful measurement of patients' cognitive status, researchers say. "Our aim was to go beyond traditional preserved/impaired classification dichotomy, purposing a new categorization of cognitive deficits in MS," Dr. Ermelinda De Meo of San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan told Reuters Health by email. In a cross-sectional study, her team applied latent profile analysis (LPA) to neuropsychological data and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) metrics to MS-related brain damage. "By using MRI, we were also able to identify neuroanatomical substrates for each phenotype, substantiating data-driven cognitive findings with a biological basis," she said. "Translated into clinical practice," she continued, "this categorization could help plan rehabilitative strategies tailored for each phenotype (and) may integrate the Expanded Disa...

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