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Intensive hypertension treatment lowers risk of orthostatic hypotension

Annals of Internal Medicine
AHA Hypertension 2020
Reuters Health - 10/09/2020 - Orthostatic hypotension is not necessarily a reason to avoid or de-escalate treatment for hypertension, researchers reported Thursday at the American Heart Association's Hypertension 2020 Scientific Sessions. In fact, lower blood pressure targets were associated with a lower risk for orthostatic hypotension, particularly among adults without diabetes and adults with lower standing systolic blood pressure, a meta-analysis of randomized trials suggests. Researchers examined data from five trials with a total of 18,466 hypertensive adults that examined BP treatment goals, including four trials that compared active agents to placebo. At baseline, mean seated systolic blood pressure was 141.4 mm HG and mean diastolic blood pressure was 79.1 mm Hg. Among 14,846 participants with orthostatic hypotension measurements in the visit before randomization, 8.5% had orthostatic hypotension, defined as a decrease of 20 mm Hg or more in systolic...

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