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Apraglutide: Advancing the treatment of short bowel syndrome

Presented by
Ms Astrid Verbiest, University of Leuven, Belgium
UEGW 2023
Phase 2
A recent study has unveiled the potential of apraglutide in managing short bowel syndrome with intestinal failure and colon-in-continuity (SBS-IF-CiC). This research offers hope for patients grappling with the challenges of short bowel syndrome, a rare gastrointestinal condition marked by a high risk of developing intestinal failure.

The study, presented by Ms Astrid Verbiest (University of Leuven, Belgium), investigated the safety and efficacy of apraglutide, a novel, long-acting glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) agonist [1]. The open-label, phase 2 study was conducted across multiple centres over 52 weeks and assessed the impact of apraglutide on patients with SBS-IF-CiC. During the study, 9 participants, whose small bowel lengths varied from 0 to 50 cm and who had 43–100% of their colon preserved, received weekly subcutaneous injections of apraglutide 5 mg.

The results revealed a marked decrease in the weekly necessity for parenteral support volume from an average of 9,919 mL to 5,217 mL following 52 weeks of intervention (P=0.0004). Accordingly, a remarkable reduction in the parenteral support energy content was observed, diminishing from an average of 7,938 kcal weekly to 4,428 kcal (P=0.0006). Additionally, participants benefited from an average extra 2.1 days without needing weekly parenteral support.

These findings highlight significant clinical advancements for patients with SBS-IF-CiC. Apraglutide has a reliable safety profile and clinical efficacy, as seen by a 52% reduction in the weekly parenteral support volume post-52 weeks of treatment. “A closer examination of the metabolic balance outcomes will be essential to fully assess apraglutide’s influence on intestinal absorption and to get a better understanding of its functional mechanisms,” Ms Verbiest concluded.

    1. Verbiest A, et al. The long-acting GLP-2 analog apraglutide provides clinical benefit for patients with short bowel syndrome with intestinal failure and colon in continuity at 52 weeks. LB03, UEG Week 2023, 14–17 October, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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