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Ertugliflozin passes post-approval cardiovascular safety test

New England Journal of Medicine
Reuters Health - 23/09/2020 - Oral ertugliflozin, approved in December 2017 as a therapy for type 2 diabetes, shows no signs of producing major cardiovascular problems and appears to reduce hospitalization for heart failure by 30%, according to the results of a new industry-sponsored test that followed 8,238 patients for a mean of 3.5 years. An identical percentage of patients in the drug and placebo groups -- 11.9% -- hit the primary endpoint, a composite of heart attack, stroke, or death from a cardiovascular cause. The combined rate of death from a cardiovascular cause or hospitalization for heart failure was 8.1% with the drug versus 9.1% with placebo. There was also no significant difference when the research team, led by Dr. Christopher Cannon at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, looked at individual markers such as death from cardiac causes and amputations. Similarly, the combined endpoint of death from renal causes, the need for renal rep...

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