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Letter from the Editor

Dr Mark Löwenberg, AMC Amsterdam, the Netherlands
UEGW 2017
Dear Reader, From October 29th untill November 1st, the 25th UEG Week took place in Barcelona, the largest European gastroenterology forum that represents a unique platform for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge. Here, we present the highlights from this congress. Clinically relevant topics have been selected. I hope that you will enjoy our selection. With kind regards, Mark Löwenberg, Gastroenterologist     Biography Mark Löwenberg is a gastroenterologist trained at the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is specialised in inflammatory bowel diseases. In 2000, Löwenberg did a research internship at Harvard Medical School (Dana Farber Cancer Institute). After finishing medical school, he started his PhD in 2003 at the AMC. His research dealt with defining the interactions between cellular signaling pathways in immune cells and therapeutic interve...

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