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IL-23p19 class antibody efficacious in psoriasis management

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Dr Kim Papp, Probity Medical Research, Canada
EADV 2020
Mirikizumab is another selective IL-23 blocker that showed promise in the treatment of psoriasis with superiority to placebo and non-inferiority to secukinumab up to 52 weeks. The phase 3, randomised, multicentre OASIS-2 study included over 1,400 adult patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis [1]. The study consisted of an induction period to week 16 and a blinded maintenance period lasting to week 52. Patients were initially randomised 4:4:4:1 to receive either 250 mg mirikizumab every 4 weeks (Q4W) in 2 arms, or secukinumab or placebo Q4W. Within the maintenance period, 1 of the mirikizumab arms switched to 250 mg and the other to 125 mg, both every 8 weeks, while the secukinumab group remained on the per label dosage. Patients initially treated with placebo continued with mirikizumab 250 mg Q4W from week 16 to week 32 and were changed to an 8 weekly dosing thereafter. Primary ...

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