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Digital exercise intervention helps improve knee osteoarthritis

JAMA Internal Medicine
Reuters Health - 12/04/2021 - Patients with knee osteoarthritis who participate in a self-directed digital exercise program may experience more symptom improvement than without this support, a small study suggests. Researchers examined data on 206 patients with knee osteoarthritis who were provided with online resources about the importance of exercise and physical activity for symptom management. Half the participants were randomized to also receive access to a self-directed knee strengthening exercise regimen, guidance to increase physical activity, and automated text message reminders. The primary endpoints were changes in overall knee pain (on a 0-10 scale) and physical function (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index, 0-68 points) by 24 weeks. Compared with participants in the control group that didn't get access to the self-directed exercise program and text messages, those in the intervention group experienced significantly larg...

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