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Denosumab promising for osteolysis after total hip replacement

The Lancet Rheumatology
Reuters Health - 20/01/2021 - Denosumab showed biological efficacy against osteolysis after total hip replacement in a proof-of-concept trial. "Denosumab is already a well-established licensed drug for the indications of osteoporosis and metastatic bone lesions in cancer, and has been shown to be effective in reducing erosions in inflammatory arthritis," Dr. Mark JM Wilkinson of the University of Sheffield, UK, told Reuters Health by email. "Here we tested the drug in the setting of osteolysis after hip replacement, a condition that currently has no effective non-surgical treatment." "We demonstrate the biological concept that the drug is 90% effective in reducing osteoclast numbers within these osteolytic lesions," he said. "The drug does not currently have licensing authorization for this indication," he noted. "Our next step would be to confirm that this biological efficacy translates into a clinically measurable benefit by reducing symptoms and re-operati...

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