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Extracorporeal CO2 removal effective in status asthmaticus

Critical Care Medicine
Reuters Health - 22/10/2020 - Venovenous extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R) may be lifesaving in patients with status asthmaticus refractory to maximal medical therapy, according to a retrospective review. In a paper in Critical Care Medicine, Dr. Bianca J. Bromberger of Columbia University Irving Medical Center, in New York City, and colleagues note that ECCO2R provides effective gas exchange with minimal to no reliance on the ventilator. This they say can be advantageous because, although mechanical ventilation may be necessary to support the patient, the cardiopulmonary effects of elevated intrathoracic pressure as well as complications due to positive-pressure ventilation may lead to cardiovascular collapse. In particular, the researchers point out "Although patients admitted to the hospital for an asthma exacerbation have an overall risk of in hospital death of 0.5%, those requiring invasive mechanical ventilation may have an inhospital morta...

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