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Viral platform helps CAR T cells combat solid tumors in mice

Science Translational Medicine
Reuters Health - 09/09/2020 - An oncolytic virus (OV19t) engineered to express a non-signaling, truncated CD19 (CD19t) protein can help expedite tumor-selective chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy for solid tumors, according to preclinical proof-of-concept studies. "This therapeutic platform using oncolytic viruses to redirect CD19-CAR T cells to target and eradicate solid tumors has broad implications for cancer immunotherapy," Dr. Saul J. Priceman of City of Hope, in Duarte, California, told Reuters Health by email. The approach, he added, "potentially expands the clinical utility of the well-known CD19-CAR T cell for the treatment of patients with any solid tumor and it elucidates novel mechanisms by which the combination of oncolytic viruses and CAR T cells can rewire the microenvironment in tumors to allow for durable anti-tumor immunity." CD19 is an ideal target for CAR T cells against hematological malignancies and has been approved for use ...

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