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Tumor biopsy screening can identify actionable molecular targets

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Reuters Health - 27/11/2020 - Large-scale screening of tumor biopsy specimens from patients with refractory malignancies can identify molecular alterations susceptible to investigational therapies, according to findings from the NCI-MATCH study. "The most interesting finding of this analysis is the range of 'actionability' observed when deploying next-generation sequencing (NGS) across the wide spectrum of cancer types included in this trial," said Dr. Keith T. Flaherty of Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston. "By 'actionability,' we mean the percentage of patients with a given tumor type for which molecular alterations were found that pointed to one of our several dozen treatment arms," he told Reuters Health by email. NCI-MATCH was the first national-scale trial in the U.S. incorporating centralized diagnostic testing and geographically distributed clinical investigation of dozens of treatment options in parallel. Dr. Flaherty and colleagues use...

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