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Transdiagnostic modular CBT improves mental health in youth

JAMA Psychiatry
Reuters Health - 04/01/2021 - A transdiagnostic modular cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention is more effective than management as usual (MAU) for young people with emotional and behavioral problems, a new randomized trial shows. About 73% of youth randomized to the Mind My Mind (MMM) intervention responded to treatment, versus about 47% of those who received MAU, with a number needed to treat of four, Dr. Pia Jeppesen of Mental Health Services-Capital Region of Denmark, in Hellerup, and colleagues found. "Our greatest hope is that doctors, psychologists and decision makers will use the transdiagnostic approach to 'speed up' the dissemination of an evidence-based practice for youths with mental-health problems," Dr. Jeppesen told Reuters Health by email. CBT is effective for treating and preventing depression, anxiety and behavioral problems in children, she and her colleagues note in JAMA Psychiatry. "Nevertheless, access to evidence-based preventi...

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