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Telemedicine could help rural patients with dementia

Reuters Health - 16/10/2020 - Older adults with dementia require ongoing access to healthcare services, and telemedicine could be a good option to bridge that gap during the pandemic, particularly in rural areas, according to a new systematic review. Both patients and doctors say that telemedicine works, the authors report in Maturitas, though there are still questions about the reliability of virtual cognitive tests and access to the appropriate technology. "Telemedicine is an asset in supporting aging in the community, not only in rural populations but also in urban settings, especially during COVID-19," said lead author Dr. Harmehr Sekhon of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The pandemic has further isolated older adults, Dr. Sekhon said, and the loneliness and lack of a regular schedule has affected their health and well-being. Vulnerable groups, including those in geographically isolated areas, need consistent formal and informal care to age healthi...

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